IWI Mini Uzi

IWI Mini Uzi

Famously used by israeli special forces the mini Uzi is a very famous model. Umarex have made a authentic replica to help enhance your shooting experience.

The Mini UZI features a strong polymer build. The stock folds to compact it down for easy transportation. To further the authentic look the IWI features a blowback action giving it a slight kick. The muzzle has a thread to allow a silencer to be fitted again adding to the look of the gun.

This is ideal for anyone looking to do plinking or for those who have a keen interest in replica guns.

Barrel with thread for silencer
full plastic


Caliber 4.5mm Magazine Capacity 21 shot(s) Max. energy < 2 joule Overall length 356 / 594 mm Weight 1242 g System CO2

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